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PSR Instagram Competition

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The PSR Instagram Competition has come to a close!

It’s been an amazing season with lots of ups and downs… On chairlifts and ski runs mostly 😉

We wanted to give something back this season after all those great snow falls and so, to appease the snow gods we made an offering that could not be refused.

We teamed up with the crew that run the show at PSR (Perisher Snow Riders – Facebook group est.2009) and came up with a fun way to give back to a community of snow goers that are close to our hearts.

PSR Instagram Competition!

With some fantastic entries flying through the doors only one PSR member would win the $300 prize (to spend at Cherri Pow Boardstore in Jindabyne).

Check out the video to see how things wrapped up;

Congratulations to @trish_a_09 you are $300 dollars richer!!!

With Extra special thanks to Jason and Simmo from PSR.

& the whole crew at Cherri Pow Boardstore & The Base Ski Service.

P.s the Genkisnow stickers are still free to pick up at The Base Ski Service while stocks last!

Have a great end of season and we will see you all next year!

Alec took his slabs of wood worldwide for years. He floated around enjoying basic day to day creature comforts like salt, beers and nasi goreng, amidst chasing snow for as many days of the year as possible. Then he got a day job... But the dream lives on, Today he loves nothing more than snowboarding, writing for Genki and just being the #1 snow hound this world has ever seen.

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