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Jan 02, 2021No Comments

It’s hit a lot of us, we can’t get to where we hoped to be this Winter 20/21, I was supposed to be in Canada

Red Door Bistro

Dec 14, 2019Comments off

The Red Door Bistro, Whistler Creek, The Red Door Bistro is joined at the hip to the ever popular Roland’s Bar and super convenient Beer

Dusty’s Bar & BBQ

Jan 14, 2018Comments off

If you are looking for a delicious meal in an amazing location with some fine beers on tap and great drinks all round, you have

Christine’s on Blackcomb

Jan 02, 2018Comments off

Christine’s on Blackcomb is a must when visiting the Whistler region of BC. The fantastic food, panoramic views and expertly cultivated menu offer a fantastic

The GLC – Whistler Village

Dec 19, 2017Comments off

The GLC in Whistler is everything it promises to be from the moment you lay eyes on it! A kick ass venue for drinks food

Southside Diner

Oct 11, 2017Comments off

For some delicious food and a great time head on in to the Southside Diner in Creekside! The menu is well planned and offers a

5 things you NEED to know when doing a seas...

Dec 19, 2016Comments off

Okay so your off to whistler? Good. I have spent many a season in the far beautiful land and please, learn from me. It will