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Snowboard Size Guide

Step 1 of 3 • Riding Style

If you like having a go at a little bit of everything (All Mountain), getting some air on the jumps (Freestyle) or tearing the rails and boxes apart (Park) we have you covered. If you aren’t sure, All Mountain is a safe bet.

Step 2 of 3 • Your Height

This one is quite straightforward however it is an important key indicator for our board algorithm. Punch it in and you are away. Tip for measuring your height, it’s the distance between the ground and the top of your head. 😊

Step 3 of 3 • Your Weight

Who really likes talking about their weight? Lucky, we don’t record any of your results, so your secret is safe with us! More accurate you are, the better the prediction will be!


The moment has come! (Get up Spotify, play a drum roll or play one in your head). Our board length calculator has worked its magic, crunched them numbers and put together what we think is the ultimate board length for you.

Tearing it up on board, based on your height of and a weight of our Genki Board Algorithm thinks you should get a board and a width board should do the job just right.

If you still aren’t sure or need some extra help, reach out here to the team and we are more than happy to help. Board length is a science, just not an exact one 😊