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Ultimate Guide to Perisher



Perisher is Australia’s largest Snowboard and Ski Resort. Spanning 7 Mountain Peaks, having 47 lifts to get you around, 240 snow guns pumping out the white stuff and over 3 thousand acres of ski-able terrain, Perisher is is BIG. Years of experience riding Perisher does’t guarantee you will have had a chance to explore this amazing Mountain.

At GenkiSnow, we decided to change that.

We have put together the greatest guide in the world covering absolutely everything that is Perisher. We have interviewed local experts, understanding the secrets of the mountain. We have collaborated thousands of pieces of content and leveraged off years and years of experience. We have taken a long time to do it, mostly because it just took a long time.

Exploring everything from how to get there, where to stay, where to eat and how to have an absolute blast when you visit Perisher.

Don’t miss a trick – have a read and make sure your next visit to Perisher, is the best it can possibly be!


Intro to Perisher

How do you get there?

Where to stay?

Where to eat?

Gear hire


Runs, Runs, Runs!

Parks and Pipes

What else to do?

The need to knows!


Intro to Perisher

History of Perisher

Perisher Valleys history dates back to the days of early pioneers and explorers of the land. The mountains were used as grazing land for cattle and live stock.

Early settlers may not have expected to be sliding around the mountains on planks of wood, but as winter activities popular in Europe grew in popularity, it was inevitable that Australia’s Snowy Mountain areas would have their stage to show off.

Flash forward and further development ideas were introduced in the area such as harnessing the power of the great snowy river into what is now known as the Snowy Hydro Project. The Hydro Power station provides a huge amount of power to the area and beyond, keeping the lights on in Australia.

This development impacted the town of Jindabyne. The project included damming in the town, forcing its inhabitants to pack up shop and retreat up the hills. It is said that at low tide you can still see some of the caps of old buildings that could not be moved uphill like many of the original buildings were.

Perisher has established itself as the premier resort in NSW and Australia in a couple of key ways. Firstly the Ski-tube facility (Built from 84-88) is unique to Australia and the rest of the southern hemisphere. The Ski-Tube remains the only subway access to any resort in the country.

Perisher (Perisher Valley was originally a stand alone resort) combined resort areas with Smiggins, Guthega and Blue cow to form one Mega Resort spanning a huge amount of combined terrain, securing Perisher as the largest resort around and featuring the most lifts in any Ski Resort in Australia. The Packer family involvement at perisher beginning in 1972 enabled some big changes for the resort & ultimately a sale was processed to Vail Resorts for $177M in what would be Vail Resorts 1st International acquisition.


We are big believers in calling a spade a garden tool or even a spade. So let’s speak the truth, Australia isn’t known for it’s snow fall. That should come as no surprise to anyone. Perisher though, does have world class snow making facilities. So when you combine the natural yearly snowfall with man made getting snow, the result is a fairly predictable, solid base!

Will you be carving huge turns in deep powder, very rarely. When you are, it isn’t as fluffy as you may be used to in North America or Powder Mecca, Niseko but it is still pretty good.

To give you some context around what to expect, the 2019 season saw around 175cms fall on Perisher and 2018 saw 226cms. There is always the possibility of a banger of a season coming in. When we look back to only 2016 Perisher got over 370cms of the fresh white good stuff! A season many European resorts would be proud of.

You will find and at no surprise, mid season usually sees the most consistent snowfall with July and August yielding the best results.


Jindabyne is the doorway to New South Wales’ main snow resort areas and hosts a vast majority of workers and visitors to the region with its extensive accommodation, restaurants and recreation options.

Jindabyne is a picturesque lakeside town at the heart of the Snowy Mountains. Located approximately 2 hours south of the Canberra International Airport and five hours from Sydney, it is super accessible and a great hub for the snow.

Jindabyne has a rich rural history and has over the years morphed into what is widely regarded as the hub for the snow season in Australia.

Jindabyne is also home to part of the famous Snowy Hydro Project and subsequently the might of the snowy river has been harnessed for over 70 years to provide clean reliable power to much of the east and south coast of Australia.

Affectionately known as ‘Jindy’ there is definitely  a fun, party atmosphere given nearly everyone in town is on holidays enjoying the snow!

Key Resort Info

Tyre Chains

Snow Chains are Required by law for alpine areas in NSW. even if they aren’t required on the day (clear conditions), random checks by Police and National Parks can be carried out and if you breach the rules you could face an expensive fine. 4WD & AWD Vehicles are exempt from this rule but these vehicles can sometimes get stuck too so plan ahead. Chains can be acquired in town at a low cost and can also be included with your rental snow equipment in most cases. Typically on a snowy day chains will only be required for driving within the national parks areas but there have been some cases where chains were necessary much closer to Jindabyne.

National Park Rules

The National Park in the area is part of the NSW Grouping of Park lands and their rules are universal. A national park pass for daily entry is $29.00 while a year round pass is $199 and will grant you access to any national park in the state for the 12 month period. The National park in the Snowy Mountains is home to some unique wildlife, the endangered pygmy possum species is closely monitored by parks operators. At Perisher certain parts of the mountain are no go zones for this exact reason, please look out for these zones as you could get yourself in some trouble resulting in a cancelled pass or even worse hurt one of these rare creatures.

Police Presence

The police patrol the area in the snowy mountains and their presence increases seasonally to keep in line with increased visitors. They police snow chain use as well as conducting highway patrols, random breath test & random drug tests are regularly conducted.


As above their are some unique species of wildlife in the area, but as the area overall is a protected national park there is a massive population of mixed wildlife such as Brumbies, Kangaroos, Wombats, Deer, Emu, Possums, Pygmy Possums, Echidna’s, Platypus, Squirrel Gliders, Foxes & even Dingo’s. Keeping this in mind, you will need to exercise caution when driving in the region as it is common for a lot of these creatures to venture across the roads from time to time. if you are involved in an accident be sure to follow clearly signed recommended procedures dotted throughout the region.

Hospital/Emergency Facilities

As with any physical activity or sport there is always the possibility that you could be involved in an accident or injured to some level while on the snow. Perishers Ski Patrol is well trained to assist in rescue missions where necessary, and are equipped to get you from the mountain to the medical centre in a timely & safe manner if this becomes necessary. Perisher has an emergency medical centre that is equipped to assist with a number of scenarios, however they are not equipped for major injuries, Beyond Perisher there is a medical centre in Jindabyne equipped for the majority of situations and beyond that Cooma has a large Major hospital that services the region year round.

Weekends and School Holidays

If you are able to manage your time mid week, these periods will have the least amount of foot traffic on the hill or at the parking lot. During School Holidays the mountain will be an absolute buzz of activity so be wise when picking your preferred dates. It’s also wise to factor in QLD school holidays are a week behind NSW and we receive high visitation from QLD residents.

Supermarkets and Groceries

There are two main places to get supplies, fresh food, groceries etc. One being up on the mountain (Food Works) and the other being in Jindabyne (Woolworth’s).

Food Works Ski tube terminal – Smaller but covers off everything you need. Also sells alcohol!
Woolworth’s Jindabyne – Full size Supermarket with everything


Parking can be a little bit chaotic at times. The early bird gets the worm is usually the best strategy although there are some helpful alternatives and options for you. The main carpark if you are driving all the way up the hill is at Perisher. There are also shuttle buses from Smiggins to Perisher to help out when it gets busy. When it gets super busy, the Perisher crew will begin to kick off more shuttles to support over flow parking areas. All of these areas you will need a national parks pass, except Bullocks Flat as it is outside of the park boundary.

Smiggins (Pretty big)
Guthega (Limited space and tougher to access)
Perisher (Massive)
Bullocks flat @ The Ski Tube (Massive)

Ski Tube

Ski Tube is the Perisher Rail line that takes you from Bullocks Flat to Perisher and Blue Cow. It is a great option for those who don’t want to drive all the way up the Mountain and also, due to it’s lower elevation chains are not often required.

If you have Accommodation on the Mountain, you nearly always have to get the Ski Tube as you can’t often park on the Mountain. Given how little you use you car once you are up the hill, it is often easier to leave the car at Bullocks anyways.


Approximately 12 minutes on the tube with 30 minute intervals during busier hours.

High Winds

In high wind scenarios most chairs will come to a halt and the mountain will utilise T-Bars primarily. The network of T-Bars and J-Bars is very good but you won’t get as much coverage as usual. Make sure you have enough layers on before attempting a windier than usual day, it can get cold!


There are a few areas that are best protected from the wind but that will come with experience and differ from day to day(factoring for wind direction).

Lift Passes and Tickets

There are a few different options for you depending on your stay at Perisher. Note, with all passes you can add Ski Tube access or you can buy a Ski Tube pass on it’s own. Just to be super clear, the Ski Tube once you are on the mountain is free (E.G. from Perisher to Blue Cow and back) however you 100% need it to travel to and from Bullocks Flat from anywhere.

Day Pass – You can buy passes for a whole day at a time. If you buy more than 1 day consecutively, you will usually get a discount. Perisher will also give discounts if  you book in advance.

Half Day Pass – This is your best option if you cant make it to the slopes till after lunch. Covers you for the afternoon session till close.

Epic Pass – This is your season pass that has some on and off mountain benefits, The epic pass is connected to many resort areas around the globe so check out your possibilities. you may also find some discounted products around perisher when you use it.

Children, Students, Seniors and the Military will usually cheaper tickets. Check out the Perisher website for live pricing for pass deals.  You can also include lessons if you think you need a coach. Private lessons and groups are available.

How do you get there?


Travelling by car is the most common way to get to Perisher. From Sydney it will usually take around 5 hrs and will be around 2 hrs from Canberra. If you are heading from the south side, it will take roughly 6-7 hours from Melbourne.

Goulburn, Canberra and Cooma split up the journey from Sydney and offer snacks and fuel stops along the way.

If you are driving from Canberra, your best option to stop is Cooma followed by Berridale.

Canberra has everything you could possibly want and a detour not including time to eat will add around 30 minutes to your trip.

Cooma is the last major town before you are near the slopes so make sure you are stocked up on everything you need, if you forget anything this might be your best bet. Numerous Accomodation options.

Berridale is next approximately 15 minutes from Jindabyne itself, usually pretty quiet at night and has limited options regarding retail. has some accomodation options.

Look out for wildlife particularly at night time. They love your headlights and visibility can be quite low depending on the weather. The area is known for Kangaroos, Wombats and even Brumby’s in the Mountains.

Naturally it sometimes snows so always be prepared and have a back up plan if something goes wrong. If you have a rental car or your own vehicle, remember snow chains are your best friend.


Bus is one of the most economical options to get to Jindabyne. They operate out of all of the Major city’s and have multiple pick up points along the way. Most will get you to Jindabyne. If your accommodation isn’t in Jindabyne, speak to them in advance and they may provide pickup or you will need to book a shuttle to take you to your accommodation or the Ski Tube.  One of the major providers is Greyhound and runs regular trips in and out of Jindabyne from major hubs.


If you are coming from interstate or overseas Canberra is the closet major airport that is economically viable followed by Sydney. From there you can either drive or get the bus.

If money isn’t as much of a concern flying into the Snowy Mountains Airport which is just outside Cooma is a great option. It is the closet Airport to the Mountains and the view on the flight in can be beautiful. Also, it can be the quickest route down for obvious reasons.

Once you get to the Airport there are shuttle services that you can pre-book to take you to your accommodation. There is an airport based one and a private option as well.


If timed right you can find a really good value flight all the way into cooma!


If you have selected the old trusty rail system you will be able to get as far as Canberra as your closest port. From there you will need to link up with one of the other options to make it the whole way. Cheapest is probably the bus, followed by a rental car then you could fly From Canberra to Snowy Mountains Airport or get a private transfer.

We would suggest once in Canberra a bus or car hire is the easier of the options given you are only around 2 hours to Jindabyne and then another 40 from Jindabyne to Perisher.

There once was a train that went up to the Snowy Mountains however it was used for agricultural reasons as opposed to public transport.

Private Shuttles

Depending on your plans, private shuttles can make life much easier when you are heading down or it’s time to go home.

Where to stay?

Perisher Valley

Perisher will regularly run promotions that include a comprehensive packaging of services, like Accomodation lift passes ski/board hire & Lessons.


Jindabyne hosts 100s of thousands of visitors each year. The lakeside town Has a unique offering, Boasting mountain, lake and rural landscape views with a panoramic aspect.

Jindabyne definitely hosts the majority of visitors having the most diverse infrastructure on offer as well as sheer space for activities.

this often includes outdoor events such as music festivals.


Cooma is about an hour and a half from Perisher Valley & has the capacity to accomodate a large number of snow travellers each winter. If you decide to stay in Cooma on your trip you will have access to a huge variety of retailers and restaurants  & you might even enjoy some further savings on your snow oliday with the trade off being more travel time to the resort itself.

If you decide to stay in Cooma be sure to check out the Snowy Hydro Facility, or even just on your way past.

Genki Pro Tip

Jason owns and runs the Jindabyne and Snowy Mountains Accommodation Centre.

Jason Lambert

The Majority of Accommodation options are in the town of Jindabyne – although areas like High Country Estate (E.G. The Station), Lake Crackenback and of course both Perisher, Thredbo and of course Charlotte’s Pass have their own options as well. A little further afield you can find options in Berridale, Cooma and – near Selwyn Snowfields – Adaminaby. While there are plenty of options to choose from Jindabyne is regarded as the main hub for the snowfields & features the majority of auxiliary amenities such as bars, restaurants, clubs, retail stores, the National Parks office and recreational areas including mountain bike trails, disc golf and an athletics facility reserved for athletes is open to the public on certain dates.

Where to eat?

There are so many places to eat when you are at Perisher. We have broken it down into key areas depending on where you might be when your tummy starts to rumble. Pretty much everywhere is licenced on the Mountain so at many places, it’s no problem just to stop for a beverage.

On the Snow

Alpine Eyre: Known for Burgers, snacks, Drinks & Licensed, find them at the bottom of Eyre T Bar on Mt.P!
Avalunch Cafe: Known for Hot Chocolates, Snacks And Lunch options, find them at the bottom of the Pretty Valley Double Chair!
Loco Mexican: Known for some crazy Mexican Favorites and located on the exterior rear wall of the perisher centre Front Valley!
Mid Station: Known for selection and options this venue is licensed and enjoys spectacular views on a clear day. Located Quad express mid station unload!
The Powder Inn: Known for its charm, meals & Snacks, Licensed with some great views on a clear today. Located at the base of the Mt.P Double Chair!

Ski Tube Terminal

Aldo’s Cafe and Pizzeria: Known for being a sit down style restaurant, fully licensed and easy to find at the Ski Tube Terminal adjacent to Perisher Valley!
Li’l Orbits: Known for their tiny doughnuts, a classic favourite Located on the platform at the Ski Tube Terminal at Perisher Valley!
JJ’s Mountain Kiosk: Hot Fast Snacks. Located at the Ski Tube Terminal.

Perisher Centre

Brunelli’s Cafe: Known for great coffee! & Tasty Panini’s as well as other treats. Located on Level 2 of Perisher Centre!
Kebabz: Known for making Kebabs and chips. Located on Level 2 of Perisher Centre, ‘The Pub’ – Yellow At the Base of Sturt T Bar & Jindabyne Town Centre!
Ski Rock Cafe: Known for fast, hot and ready meals. Located on Level 2 of Perisher Centre!
Sundance Bakery: Known for warm classic baked treats. Located on Level 2 of Perisher Centre! (Main bake house in Jindabyne).
Jax Bar & Char grill: known for live music and lunch options, Licensed Bar. Locate Perisher Centre Level 2!
Snow Gums Restaurant: Known for meal options with a view & features a licensed bar. Located Perisher Centre Level 2!

The Pub Family Food Court at Perisher Manor

Kebabz: Kebabs and chips. Located at ‘The Pub Family Food Court’ At the Base of Sturt T-Bar, They also have one in the Perisher Centre on Level 2 & in Jindabyne!
Snowy Mountains Burgers: Burger, Burgers, Burgers.
Mr. Chan: Hong Kong fare when you are on the Mountain .
High Ground Coffee Bar: When you need an espresso hit.
Perisher Pizza: We will give you one guess.

Hidden in plain site

The Man From Snowy River Hotel: Known for Live Music, Specials & Views. Located on the far side of Ski Tube Terminal! (away from ski lifts/requires a short walk)
Base 1720 Bar & Restaurant: Known for cosy atmosphere Including fireplace. Located within The Perisher Manor Building Front Valley!
Eiger Chalet/White Spider: Known for European styling, Drinks and live music events. Located across the road from the base of the Perisher Quad Express Chair!
Sundeck: Known For Barbecues, Live Music and events, Licensed. Located at the top of the super pipe!

Blue Cow

Blue Cow Bistro: Known For Panoramic views, Large bar and dining areas. Located upstairs from the Skitube Terminal!
Holy Cow: Known for Noodle Dishes. Located upstairs from the Skitube Terminal!
Cowpuccino Café: Known for Coffee and treats. Located on the Blue Cow Skitube Terminal level.
The Top Spot Bar: Known for warmth, Entertainment and Licensed. Located upstairs from the Blue Cow Skitube Terminal!
Blue Cow BBQ: Known for outdoor setting with live music and BBQ goods. Located upstairs from the Blue Cow Skitube Terminal(Outside)!


The Burning Log: Known for tasty food quickly and in a great location. Located at the base of the Bluecow T-Bar in Guthega!
The Guthega Alpine Inn: Known for large meal portions, European themed delicacies and warm drinks. Located off the Norwegian Trail in Guthega!

Gear Hire

Ski & Board Hire

Choosing the right gear for your snow holiday is something to tailor to your progression levels, so for this reason it is wise to hire your gear until you know which direction you want to take your chosen snow sport in.

Perisher has Rental specific facilities on site that will allow you to hire and return gear while on the mountain.

Jindabyne has a huge range of options featuring retailers throughout the town, the options are almost endless so do some research and decide what you are looking for with your gear ahead of time

Berridale and Cooma are on the driving path from the Canberra direction and also have their own options for hire gear in the region

As there is so much variety, be sure to identify what you are looking for specifically with your holiday, if you are in essence a beginner, some budget options may be the best place to start, from there you can evaluate how far you want to take it and when you return to the snow next time you may want to try out a different style.

Buying your own Gear

Like renting gear each retailer will stock a different collection of brands, so it is wise to look around and get some advice before making your final decision, remember everyone will have a different opinion on a different piece of equipment, at Genki Snow we have talked about making the right decision for your gear before. In short, for a pair of bindings focus on a binding specific company for a boot a boot company etc. etc. The logic behind this is straight forward those companies research and development is focused on the specific product and are not spaced over an enormous range which in some cases can distract from that main focus, This is just a guide of course. Some manufacturers have nailed multiple products. do your research to see what you like the most.


When you are at Perisher, you have plenty of options if you are looking for lessons. If it’s the beginning of your snow Journey or honing in on those skills, there are options for you.

The first decision you need to make is, Perisher or Private.

Perisher offers options for everyone and has some amazing facilities. They run a million lessons and have options for everyone. We run over most of them below.

Private lessons (not to be confused with Perisher private lessons) is a private coach. If you are serious about your skills or keen to tackle some aggressive terrain in Australia or overseas, this can be a good option for some very tailored and structured training

We will cover off both in more detail below.

Perisher Lessons

It doesn’t matter what you prefer or what is closest to you, you can get lessons at the three main Mountains In the resort, Perisher Valley, Blue Cow and Smiggins. This makes it easy no matter how you are getting there or where you are staying. It also means it is easier to cater for varying levels of ability.

They have specific groups for Children and Adults and varying levels of ability. The four key levels of ability covered are:

First Timers

This is for when it is your first time on the snow. You have never skied or snowboarded before or require assistance to stop on the mountain. This is perfect if you want to start in the right place and begin with good practices. You will focus on leaving with basic turns and stopping well on it’s way as well as good mountain safety.


You have been on a Snowboard or Skied before and can have a basic cruise around the mountain. You want to start to hone your skills and build more confidence as you egt about the Mountain. Link those turns, turn up the style and become more confident on the hill.


You confidently cruise down the mountain, changing your turns up, taking on some challenging terrain. You are keen to attack some steeper terrain and add some style points as you get about the Mountain.


So you are smashing all of the groomed runs, speed is your thing and stopping is a mere detail. It’s time to get off the piste and start to rip the park apart. No one is too good for a lesson after all!

Group VS Private

Once you have decided what skill level you fall into, you need to consider a group lesson VS a private lesson.

Group lessons are cheaper and can be great to have some fun on the hill with new people. They are also perfect if you want to learn with your friends.

If you learn better in a more tailored environment, you can always have a private lesson. There is no doubt a private lesson means you get more attention. You can get a lot of it. However, if you are a beginner, sometimes the comradery of a group can help drive you to work harder and nail it quicker!

Private Lessons

Private lessons in this instance are getting a personal coach. Not to be confused with a Private lesson provided by the resort, there are private instructors that take on new clients. When you go to Perisher, you might not always get the same coach. If you get your own coach, you definitely will.

They are traditionally more money than a lesson provided by the resort but if you are serious about your riding or want a very personalised experience, this is definitely worth considering.

We have done a matrix below comparing all options below. Just remember, private lessons aren’t always the way to go and spending more money doesn’t always mean more value. Think about what you want to get out of it, and book what suits you.


Service Trails – Home Trail (Green)

If its time to go this is what you are going to need, nice steady run, some spots will require you to carry some speed.

Copperhead Road (Green)

Copperhead rd is one of the longest runs on the mountain it reaches from the outskirts of Blue cow ski area and runs you through to pretty valley where you can hop on the chair there or proceed further around to Telemark t-bar and ride back onto front valley. It is an enjoyable trail where you can choose your own speed, but it is recommended to maintain a consistent pace as there are flat spots to account for. Be wary of the people around you as this is a popular return trail for any and all skill.

Service Trail – Pretty Valley Home Trail (Blue)

This is just a run to take you home. Follow the signs to get it right and the rest is history.

Service Trail – Pretty Valley to Telemark (Blue)

This is a quick little run at the bottom of pretty valley. It gives you access to Telemark and Piper T-Bar. Telemark feeds back into Front Valley and Piper directs you towards Smiggins. We would call this more of a service run than somewhere to have some fun. Keep your speed or you will end up walking.

Interceptor Quad – Discovery Trails (Green)

Starting from the top of the Interceptor Quad Chair, Discovery Trails are some super fun little medium steep tree runs. Good to find your never and have a play in between the trees. It is wedged in between the Intercepter Quad and the Pretty Valley Double chair.

Pretty Valley Double – Winter Way (Green)

Winter Way is located in Pretty Valley. It is accessible by the Pretty Valley Double Chair if you push hard to the left when you first come off. It finishes at the Pretty Valley Double which also has access to the Interceptor Quad Chair. Can be a good snow catchment and has some fun rolling terrain.

Eyre T-Bar – Shiftys (Blue)

Shiftys is the furthest point on Mount P. It starts at the top of Eyre T-Bar, follows the mountain line wide then down back to Eyre T-Bar. Good snow. Clear open space. Can be a little impacted by sun and wind. Quite an exposed run.

Eyre T-Bar – Wylie’s (Blue)

Wylie’s follows the Eyre T-Bar on the right if you are heading down the mountain. It has rolling open Terrain. Can be impacted by sun and wind as it is a wide open run. You can also access it from the Mount P Double Chair.

Eyre T-Bar – Exhibition (Double Blue)

Exhibition is on the Left hand side of the the Eyre T-Bar. It has similar characteristic to the rest of Mount P. Wide open terrain and a few rocks to be wary of.

International T – Hyper trail (Double Blue)

Hyper Train is Central Mount P. Fast winding runs with some open space and a few trees along the way.

International T – Fall Line (Blue)

Next to the Hyper Trail, Fail Line is very similar. Fun little run when you are on Mount P.

Eyre T Bar – GS Bowl (Blue)

GS Bowl is a fun little bowl off the Eyre T-Bar. Quite a central run, it’s a classic bowl with the occasional tree.

Eyre T Bar – Sidewinder (Blue)

Sidewinder splits from the GS Bowl and is slightly longer but with many of the same features.

Mount P Triple – Towers (Blue)

Towers run is wedged in between the two Chairs at Mount P. It follows the ridge line and is quite narrow. Stick between the chairs and you can’t go run. It can be a high traffic area so prone to a little mess along the way. Bonus, there is a pub at the bottom.

Sun Valley T – Burnum Burnum (Double Blue)

Burnum Burnum is the main feeder run from Mount P to Sun Valley. Dense trees in some area’s a little exposed in others with a few small drops along the way if that’s your jam. Can return to Mount P chairs or exit via Happy Valley.

Sun Valley T – Sun Valley (Double Blue)

Sun Valley follows the Sun Valley T-Bar. Cruisey open run with a few tees.

Happy Valley T –  Happy Valley Left (Green)

Cruisey run that follows the Happy Valley T off to one side of Perisher Valley.

Olympic T – Olympic (Black Diamond)

This monster is visible from just about everywhere it soars high up above happy valley on the near side of Mt Perisher. This run will only be open if the conditions permit and is very popular when it does become open, this is because the terrain under snow is very challenging and very rough, conditions must be ideal to attempt this run. It is steep and can become mogulled after extensive use.

Olympic T – Dog Leg (Black Diamond)

This is pretty much just off the side of Olympic. Slightly more subtle than Olympic but stills holds the Black Diamond category.

Olympic T – Podium (Black Diamond)

Another little shoot off the side of Olympic. It’s Black Diamond so if you are feeling confident go give it a whirl.

Happy Valley T – Snowy Trails (Green)

Pretty much follows the Happy Valley T. Small clusters of trees and plenty of space to cut some turns.

Mount P Double – Vista Run (Blue)

Not called Vista for no reason, this is found at the highest point you can reach without getting the old legs out on Mount P. It follows the Mount P perimeter line across the highest ridge. The view is very cool before you get shot back down into Sun Valley. Only accessible from the Mount P Double. It is rumored on a clear day you can see Russia.

Leichhardt Quad Chair – Powder Ridge (Blue)

Powder Ridge splits off in a number of ways. You can pick your own line however some sections are for more advanced riders which heads into more of a Black run. Easy to navigate if you want to keep it Blue.

Leichhardt Quad Chair – The Cleft (Blue)

We affectionately called this Jib City for a long time as it was known for having lots of little fun natural mounds you can jump off. We actually love this run, there are some steep sections, some trees to have a play in and like we said a few natural hits to practice your spins and trickery.

Perisher Quad Express – Goats Gully (Green)

Easy run that follows the Perisher Quad Express from the Mid Station. There is a small jump here Perisher have made . It has a automatic camera to take a snap of you while getting some mean air (it’s pretty small jump). You just scan you pass and it does the photo taking automatically.

Perisher Quad Express – Yabby Flats (Green)

This feeds the Yabby Flats Mini Park and Terrain area. You can get her from the Mid Station Quad Chair.

Perisher Quad Express – Quad Face (Blue)

Feed from the top of the Perisher Quad Express. You can chose two paths, either follow the chair back down or drop into Sun Valley. Can cop a bit of a thrashing from the wind.

Pretty Valley Double – Pretty Valley (Green)

Medium to long smooth run that cruises down Pretty Valley. Good for just about anyone. It is serviced by Pretty Valley Double chair which can be a little slow at times. Cafe at the bottom that serves a famous hot chocolate!

Service Trail – Leichhardt Loop (Green)

The Leichhardt loop serves as an enjoyable run, that also completes the circuit between Mt P and Centre Valley. This can be popular particularly around meal times. The new chair fitted in 2019 has increased efficiency for moving between these areas so you shouldn’t get too much congestion anymore.

Pretty Valley Double – Snake Trails (Green)

Starting above mid station on the pretty valley side, Snake Trails will wind you through some trees and shoot you back into Pretty Valley.

Half Time (Green)

Half time is a learns section. It has a carpet so perfect for children and beginners.

V8 – Escapade (Green)

Escapade follows the Sturt T-Bar which is in between the V8 and Perisher Quad Express. Fun little run near the park. The name is a bit misleading, it isn’t that much of an escapade.

V8 – The Chute (Green)

The Chute springs you out the side of front Valley into Pretty Valley and onto the interceptor if you keep going. It is more of a access run as you can’t session it however it is still good fun.

V8- Front Valley (Green)

The quint essential  beginners run. It is feed by the monstrous Village 8 Express and is home for new shredders. It also has a carpet run, the Mitchell T-Bar and a Children’s play area.

The whole area is a slow zone and if being a new snowboard or skier isn’t enough of a challenge, the world famous Slope Style park is right next to front valley to distract you from your riding.

North Perisher T-Bar – North Perisher (Black Diamond)

North Perisher is a steep run feed from the North Perisher T-Bar. Usually not to busy so it can be a good place to hide from a crowd.

Perisher Quad Express 0 Bull Wheel Run (Green)

You can access Bull Wheel Run from just below mid station and it will take you down a narrow track to the top of front valley or the bottom of pretty valley.

Telemark – Telemark (Green)

Feed by the Telemark T-Bar. It weaves around some of the on snow accommodation. Telemark bridges the gap between Smiggins and Front Valley.

Tom Thumb (Green)

This is the kids play area at the bottom of Front Valley. Great if you have children, horrible if you don’t. It is carnage.

North Perisher T-Bar – Devils Playground

Devils playground is a very challenging run that begins in North Perisher and ends up at Blue Cows Ridge Quad Chair. Exercise caution, it isn’t always open.

Smiggin Holes

Link T-Bar – Bear Flat (Blue)

Bear Flat is closet to the Link T-Bar. Wide open with a few trees. Like most of Smiggins, it is quite good for beginners. Smiggins Hotel is at the bottom of Bear Flat.

Link T-Bar – Smiggins Escape (Green)

Smiggins Escape is a cat track to the Mount Piper Fun Park and Perisher Valley (and beyond!).

Links T-Bar – Drop Off (Blue)

Manageable steep sections that a good for practicing some more aggressive terrain.

Link TBar – Racecourse (Blue)

Racecourse zigzags under the Link T-Bar. It can feel like your speeding but it is quite manageable.

Piper T-Bar – Piper (Green)

Piper simply runs along the Piper T-Bar. Gentle gradient and a pretty safe bet for beginners.

Burke T-Bar – Blanchy’s (Blue)

Classic Smiggins run. Big open run, chose your own destiny.

Wills T-Bar – Plummers (Blue)

Slightly more varied terrain over its adventure partner Burke. Still very manageable for all skill levels.

Captain Cook and Scott J Bars – J-Bar Land (Green)

J-Bar land is the far right of the Mountain at Smiggins as you look up the face. This is a classic learners area great for beginners. The whole space from top top bottom is a slow zone so keep that in mind on your adventures.

Hume T Bar – Back Wood Run (Green)

Back wood run follows the far right ridge on Smiggins. There are a few trees to navigate along the way. This is the longest run in Smiggins and a good step up as your progressing in your skiing and snowboarding journey.

Hume T Bar – Wood Run (Green)

Wood run is very close to Back Wood but there are a lot more tree’s to navigate on this run. Good place to start to practice planning your turns as you cut laps down the mountain.

Kaaten Triple Chair – Chair Run (Blue)

Chair Run as the name would suggest zigzags under the Kaaten chair. It weaves through a few tree’s and is a gentle run.

Zoe’s Carpet (Green)

This is part of the beginners learning area. It is a carpet so perfect for the very early stages of your learning.

Harry’s & Herman’s Carpet (Green)

Smiggins is known as a great place for learning and the high carpet count is a testament tot his. Harry’s and Herman’s is another carpet for beginners to find their edge.

Mt Piper Toboggan Slope (Green)

Fun spot for having a sled down the hill when you aren’t in the mood for skiing or boarding.

Piper to Interceptor (Green)

Only open when conditions allow. This is a short cut to get from Smiggins to the Interceptor Quad Chair.

Tube Town (Green)

This is an area specifically for tube riding down the hill. This is a perisher activity so BYO tubes won’t fly. By won’t fly, we mean you have to hire the tubes you can just zoom down the hill on any old object. It’s deceptively dangerous.

Piper TBar – Smiggins Home Run (Green)

This is from the top of Piper T-Bar and takes you over to Smiggins. As the name suggests, it’s the run to take you home, if you call Smiggins home. If you don’t it isn’t your home run.

Burke T-Bar – The Cornice (Double Blue)

Follow the ridge down from Burke T-Bar and you will find yourself The Cornice. Pro tip, it looks like a cornice. The idea is to jump off it, so if that isn’t what you are looking for probably don’t go.

Blue Cow

Pony Ride – Rope Tow World (Green)

This is a classic Green run over with our friends at Blue Cow. Feed by the Pony Ride Chair, this is a great spot to change up the terrain a little while you are still learning to shred.

Brumby Tbar – Cold Shoulder (Blue)

Cold shoulder is rumored to be along the Brumby T-Bar. Featuring some good snow catchment however it does have a few flat spots to watch out for.

Brumby TBar – Amaroo (Green)

Feed by the Brumby T-Bar Amaroo is a long and winding run that you can pick your own speed and cruise on down. Super open terrain and lots of room to cut some wide turns.

Brumby TBar – Slingshot (Blue)

Starting on a Amaroo and splitting through a small valley. Slingshot can be a quick run if you like finishing on Brumby T-Bar or Pleasant Valley Quad.

Pleasant Valley Quad Chair – Easy Rider (Green)

Direct access to the Easy Rider run is from the Pleasant Valley Quad Chair however you can also get to it from traversing from Perisher. Super big open run, a few rocks to keep an eye out for but overall pretty tame.

Ridge Quad Chair – Gracie’s (Blue)

Accessed by the quad chair. Start on the outer limits, you will have the option to split off onto Gracie’s for a steep run through some mostly open space with the occasional cluster of tree’s. At the end of Gracie’s, you will have the option of diving onto a black (Yarrandoo) or double blue (Excellerator) run. Peel left just before the Excelerator chair to get onto the Double Blue, keep heading straight for the Black run.

Ridge Quad Chair – Outer Limits (Blue)

The longest run in Blue Cow Outer Limits is also the steepest (we think). It follows the mountain perimeter line and finishes in a black run. Just be careful of the finish because there isn’t really another way out.

Ridge Quad Chair – Yarrandoo (Black Diamond)

Yarrandoo starts the the top of the Ridge Quad Chair. The run follows a ridge line with sharp steep drops and frequently exposed rocks. Conditions will change as the day progresses given it’s exposure to the sun and shade. Once you have cleared the steeper sections you will filter through some winding tree runs back to the bottom of the Ridge Quad Chair.

Show Boat (Black Diamond)

Show boat parallel to the tail end of the Excelerator run. It is a steep but smooth and it is next to a mogul course.

Ridge Quad Chair – Excelerator (Double Blue)

Big, steep and fast. Have a blast.

Summit Quad Chair –  Zali’s (Double Blue)

Zali’s is a very step and wide, open run. It is quite popular with the speed demons.

Summit Quad Chair – Side Saddle (Blue)

Similar to Zali’s just not quite as intense. The Blue Cow Park is half way down Side Saddle if that is your jam.

Racecourse 2 (Blue)

Racecourse 1 and 2 are specific training runs for athletes.

Racecourse 1 (Blue)

Racecourse 1 and 2 are specific training runs for athletes.

Early Starter Double – Early Starter (Green)

Early Starter is a beginners run feed by the Early Start Double chair. A good place to continue learning to enjoy the snow.

Brumby TBar and Terminal Quad – Roller coaster Upper (Blue)

As you approach this one your excitement levels are going to sky rocket, it’s named for the feeling you get when you ski or board it. Roller coaster is a thrill ride.

Brumby tbar and terminal quad – Rollercoaster Lower (Blue)

This is one where you will need to look ahead to choose your line. It’s possible to go quite fast but if you don’t plan for it you may find yourself slamming on the brakes!

Lower Road Run (Blue)

Lower Road Run can connect you to the bottom of Roller Coaster from the middle of Blue cow if you want to change direction.

Pleasant Valley Quad Chair – Pleasant View (Green)

Pleasant View is a short cut to Guthega from the Blue Cow Home Trail.

Blue Cow Expressway (Green)

Blue Cow Expressway starts at the top of the Perisher Quad Express Chair and joins Perisher to Blue Cow. It is a traverse so be ready to spend some time on one edge of you are a boarder.

Interceptor Quad Chair – Interceptor Access Trail (Green)

A Steep train from the top of Interceptor Quad chair which takes you into Blue Cow. You will end up at the base of the pleasant valley quad and the Brumby T-Bar with the option of joining Lower Roller Coaster.

Link 1 (Green)

Link 1, 2 and 3 all join Pretty Valley to Pleasant Valley with various entry points along the ridge line.

Link 2 (Green)

See link 1.

Link 3 (Green)

See link 1.

Freedom Quad Chair – Blue Cow Way (Green)

Blue Cow Way is a fun run that quickly takes you from Guthega to Blue Cow. It is a cat track. Enjoy it.

Guthega Way (Green)

Guthega Way is at the bottom of the Early Starter Chair however is accessible from nearly any high point in Blue Cow. You can also split from the Blue Cow Home Trail and join Guthega Way about half way in.  It is a long run that can be quite fun. Two exit options, Freedom Quad Chair and Blue Calf T-Bar at the very end.

Summit Quad – Side Hill (Black Diamond)

Side Hill which is also known as The Wall is fed from the Summit Quad Chair. You will have to do a small traverse once you get off the lift to get to the run. Steep wall of snow. Best when there has been recent snow fall. Not super popular due to the traverse element.

Norther Perisher TBar – Devil’s Playground (Black Diamond)

We cover this off above as well as it technically starts in North Perisher. Devils playground is a very challenging run that begins in North Perisher and ends up at Blue Cows Ridge Quad Chair. Exercise caution, it isn’t always open.

Snowy’s (Blue)

Snowy’s is found in-between Excelerator and Outer Limits and explores a huge open area. It finishes up winding through some tree runs.

Summit Quad Chair – Kamikaze (Double Black)

Kamikaze follows a pretty treacherous rocky cliff line. There can often be a large amount of exposed rock and mountain. It is steep the whole way down and you will finish at the base of the Terminal Quad Chair and Summit Quad Chair. This one is pretty wild so be extra careful.

Brumby TBar – Mogul Mat’s (Blue)

If you hate your knee’s get over here. This is a mogul run for the hard core skiers feed by the Brumby T-Bar.



Car Park Double Chair – Norwegian Trail (Green)

Norwegian Road is a nice, steady run to the base of the Blue Calf T-Bar, The Burning Log Restaurant and The Guthega Inn if you follow the signs.

Freedom Quad Chair – Schnaxl (Double Blue)

A quick and open run that has its’s perimeter defined by light tree clusters and wooden fencing.

Freedom Quad Chair – Mother in Law (Double Blue)

Shuffle off with a very light traverse from the top of Freedom quad chair to access the beginning of Mother in Law. Mother in law has good snow catchment and is a super fun run. Watch out for shallow areas with exposed rocks and earth.

Milk Run (Green)

Milk Run starts from the centre of Guthega and it takes you to the Freedom Quad Chair.

Pleasant Valley Quad Chair – Double Trouble (Double Black Diamond)

To get to Double Trouble traverse along the ridge line once you get off the Pleasant Valley Quad Chair heading towards Guthega. It is a quite intense run so advised for advanced riders only. Double Trouble follows the ridge line and guides you towards Perisher. It is not ideal to deviate too far from the ridge line as there is potential rivers along the way. Excellent run on a good day and lightly patrolled so be safe.

Freedom Quad Chair – The Screw (Black Diamond)

Feed by the Freedom Quad Chair, The Screw is another Black Diamond run in Guthega. A pretty diverse run with a few sketchy spots along the way.

Summit Quad chair – See Forever (Blue)

Beginning in Blue Cow, See Forever comes off Side Saddle and straddles the blue cow Park then launching you into Guthega Way. A super fun, super scenic run.

Karl’s Run (Blue)

Karl’s Run is a great Section located in the Guthega Area of Perishers mountain ranges, it is a fun and mildly technical run particularly favorable with good snowfalls. Karl’s run is also named for a local legend, still skiing well into his 70’s and now 80’s Karl has a history that includes mapping out Guthega’s historic ski area which includes an area that existed beyond the current expanse of the Guthega zone where now retired ski lifts once sat. Karl may be seen skiing around Guthega during the winter, or having a Jagermeister at the Guthega inn of an afternoon.

Blue Cow TBar – Bloody Mary (Blue)

Bloody Mary is a fast, quite open and enjoyable run. It is as long as the T-Bar so it is very easy to hit as many times as you like without much down time.

Blue Cow T Bar – Possums (Blue)

Possums opens you up to a number of different runs. On its on merit, it is a fast turning run that directly joins Blood Mary.

Blue Cow Tbar – Wombats (Blue)

Connect from Possums, Wombats continues the animal theme given the high density wildlife found in Guthega. Cruisey run that turns back onto Wood Pecker.

Blue Cow T Bar – Woodpecker (Blue)

Woodpecker is in the same area as the runs Possums and Wombat. It takes a much more direct line so you can maintain some good speed. It is long, straight with a mild curve at the end. It can be super fun and takes you back to the car park double chair.

Blue Cow TBar – Parachute Upper (Black Diamond)

Make sure you get a feel for your edges on Parachute upper, with a steady incline you are about to take a bend and start really zooming on a wide steep slope. Trees on both sides.

Blue Cow TBar – Parachute Lower (Black Diamond)

For the thrill seeker this is where the fun begins, a great run for fast paced skiers and boarders, only open with the right weather conditions, trees on both sides are dense so it can be difficult to tuck between them, this runs all about the speed though, stick to the wide open run and see how you can challenge yourself here.

Blue Calf T Bar – Dorfer (Blue)

Starting and ending at the Blue Calf T-Bar. Dorfer can have some good snow and is a great run to ride with little downtime due to it being inline with the T-Bar run. It has some light clusters of trees with some fun open spaces.

Blue Calf T Bar – Linder (Blue)

Short, open run that follows the T-Bar. Some cool natural features on a good snow day.

Freedom Quad Chair – Hanky Panky (Blue)

Open run with small light clusters of tree’s. We don’t know the story behind the name but the run is pretty vanilla.

Blue Calf T Bar – Basinski (Blue)

Basinski takes a wide line about from the Blue Calf T-Bar. It then connects you to pipeline and the base of the Blue Calf T-Bar. Features some slightly steeper sections towards the end.

Car park Double Chair – Guthega Home Trail (Blue)

It starts from the top of the Car Park Double Chair (the centre of Guthega) however it is also very accessible from nearly any high point in Guthega to navigate you back to the Guthega Centre.

Pipes and Parks

Centre Valley Rider X

This course is a show piece visible from the Perisher quad express chair, regularly open to the public but bear in mind there will be various events held throughout the season which may limit that access. A fun run that challenges the riders turns and helps to develop speed and accuracy. Open to the public but it is a course designed for practicing speed so be mindful of anyone in front of you who is moving slower or someone behind who may be pacing quicker.

Yabby Flat Mini Park

This is a great course for beginners and can be found near mid station along the Perisher quad express chair lift, this one is designed to be family friendly and even features an automated camera system over a jump feature that is suitable for those beginning to grow accustomed to park terrain features in this case a small jump. Pros: family friendly Cons: Longer lap time for terrain park circuits.

Yabby Flat Mini Pipe

As part of the above, the addition of the mini Pipe will be weather dependent, much like the above, this area of the mountain provides a safe and manageable zone for families and is perfect for developing beginners terrain park skills.

BC Terrain Park

Blue Cow Terrain Park is usually one of the last ones to be added to the mountain by the parks crew, it is visible from the @blue cow terminal building and it will usually have a jump line and a rail line with a beginner to intermediate level of difficulty Pros: rarely crowded, good progression opportunities Cons: secluded (long lap to lifts/back to park), can sometimes suffer on a windy day or be closed for a few days after a storm.

Leichhardt Terrain Park

Leichardt is a great park that is fairly sheltered from the elements, park riders can enjoy the convenience of a brand new lift installed in 2019. Leichardt is a great Terrain park for development and offers a variety of features and jumps that will rotate throught the season and typically increase in difficulty as the season goes on. Features will vary from combination rales and tubes, various boxes battleships and rainbow features as well as flat rails tubes and kinked and elbowed features. Pros: good location, Efficient lift near by, top to bottom park with a track back to lift (fast laps), Excellent progression opportunities, Fast moving crowds. Cons: can become crowded at times by coaching/classes or general popularity

Half Pipe

A world class build with easy access from front valley. Access for the half pipe is via Name* t-bar tucked behind the perisher main building. This half pipe will be built as and when the weather and snowfall permits, but thankfully snow making machines are there to encourage the project. Once the Half Pipe is ready its best to get your turns in before the sun hits it late in the afternoon Pros: Open to the public excluding some events, Large. Cons: can take a bit of sunlight by the afternoon which can affect the pipe surface/hard pack quality.

Piper Park

Piper park is a really good spot that’s tucked away from the crowd chaos, great for beginners or warming up the legs before you move on to a more challenging level of terrain. Unfortunately its exposure to sunlight during the day causes some deterioration around the features so it is best to get in early and find your feet while its still freshly groomed usually smooth cruising till 1-3pm depending on conditions. Pros: isolated from the bulk of mountain traffic. Cons: can suffer deterioration towards the end of the afternoon in sections.

Slope Style

Slope style park is where you will find anyone from your 9-5 park rat right up to your ultra seasoned international pro, the feature technicality takes a leap towards the stratosphere and you can find a highly challenging combination of features usually split by two top to bottom rail sections running parallel to a fairly hefty jump line which usually comprises of 4 incrementally increasing body launchers. This Terrain park is not for the feint of heart and is a focal point on front valley @ perisher that is a spectacle from the surrounding chair lifts and visible from just beyond perishers front gates. The crafters of this internationally accredited course source their creativity from their efforts working on other international world renowned snow resorts. Pros: Frighteningly Fun Cons: Frighteningly scary

Back country?

If you are the adventurous type and back country is your thing, there are many great options for you heading off from Perisher that take you out to the main range. Leaving the resort boundary comes with it’s risks so this is not an option unless you are very well prepared and know what you are doing.

For anyone new to Back Country and keen to get out into the mountains, there are some great companies providing tours and day trips so you can explore with a seasoned professional.

Genki Pro Tip

Chris has been riding Perisher and the exploring the main range for over 15 years.

Chris Williams

Always wondered what is beyond the resort? Its a whole new world but don’t expect endless gnar you see in ski porn. It can be a dangerous place for the uninitiated! Get educated, start small and remember the journey is the adventure. If that’s not for you contact a local guide to show you the ropes.

What else to do?

There are a range of different activities you can do outside of snow sports.

Fireworks – During the season Perisher puts on Fireworks displays during night riding. The time they are on can change so have a look at the perisher website for update timetables for fireworks.

Comedy at the Sundeck Hotel – The sundeck hotel is known for hosting some great snow season entertainment. They have a weekly comedy night on a Tuesday that is a great way to enjoy your evening if you are staying on the mountain. Check out their website for more detail.

Pond Skim – Every year there will usually be a pond skim challenge. For those not familiar with a pond skim, as it begins to warm up and water appears competitors will zoom down the hill towards a pond and see who can skim the furthest.

Live Music – There are many of the lodges around the valley that hold live music to help you enjoy your evenings. A few great options are The Man from Snowy River Hotel, The Sundeck and The Eiger. Check out their websites and social media feeds for whats happening at the moment.

David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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