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Thredbo Perisher Fire update

Snow guns turn fire hose – How Thredbo and Perisher are preparing for the worst

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With the Australian summer bringing the hottest and driest conditions, fires have ravaged across the country. With what might seem like a wild concept to some, the Australian snow fields are now protecting themselves, preparing for what could be an intense weekend of fires.

When most people think of Perisher and Thredbo, images of rolling mountains covered in snow are conjured in their mind. The biggest threat might be a snow storm or ice on the road. Come this weekend, the snow guns are on pumping cold water onto the dry land to help protect the resort for multiple fires threatening the region.

For what is normally a very active summer season with a strong MTB and hiking presence at Thredbo, both towns are very different. Thredbo and Perisher both have been evacuated given the current situation, and to protect the local people.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison mobilised the Military to support fires earlier on in the season, they have no been put on stand by to support New South Wales and Victoria if the conditions deteriorate.

With conditions worsening coming into the weekend and fires linking up on the Victorian and NSW borders, it could be a tough weekend.

For more information and live updates check here and here for NSW and and here. For VIC, check here.

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