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New Zealand set for monster snow falls

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4 days of hell or 4 days of heaven?

New Zealand is in for a bit of a wild ride of the next few days as some crazy weather is due to batter the whole country and particularly harsh on the South Island. Snow is expected to fall at some very low levels, slap in some damaging gales and torrential rain and it should be a busy 4 days.

Weatherwatch.co.nz is forecasting snow down to sea level across Southland and Otago and basically nowhere being able to hide from a wintery wild on the South Island. Farmers are being urged to move livestock on and black Ice Tuesday morning has been the worst in decades. All of the horrible aspects of a blizzard like this aside, there is always opportunity!

I apologise to all of our Australian readers… it can get depressing from here on in.

Mountainwatch.com is forecasting over the next 3 days there will be up to 174cms falling in places like Hanmer Springs and Rainbow in the South… There is thus the chance of large natural avalanches over the next few days but if you get your timing right you could be in for some of the greatest conditions you will ever get in your life ever.

While resorts across the Island are closing until the storm calms down the next few days are opportunity central! Keep your eyes on the forecasts, don’t do anything silly, and if you are lucky enough to be in NZ in the white wonderland, be very careful!

Feature Image courtesy of the NZ Herald.

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