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2017 FLUX R2 NOFX Bindings

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What is love? baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, no more. – That’s what you would be saying if you don’t buy the right bindings.

That’s why if you were to pick 2017 FLUX R2 NOFX bindings you won’t be singing the blues or a 90’s pop classic. A mid flex, lightweight binding, it offers you the versatility required for the freedom and comfort to ride both the park and mountain. We tested (and now own) the R2 NOFX editions on a Solomon Villian and it was a match made somewhere fantastic.

From the top down, they have a lean high back which gives you the support you need down low with some flex up top. The lean nature of the R2’s also mean you get a lot of bang pound for pound and don’t end up with a BBB (bulky bad binding). On the mountain, the straps and were super easy to use, even with the frosty frozen long lift fingers. There is nothing worse than a clunky annoying strap. They also come off really easily which helps when you make it to the bottom.

Without going into tech jargon, the straps are good. They are soft enough that they grab well on any boot. They are nice and wide so once you are in tight you feel strong and spread the pressure well so you don’t feel like your boot is being strangled.

The base is nice and easy to adjust with a base cover so it doesn’t end up a snow catch. It is also pretty easy to adjust it for your boot size.

Visually, they make a stand. I opted for the black and white two tone with the NOFX graphics. You don’t have to like NOFX to like these bindings but if you aren’t a massive fan, they still look cool.

Moral is, if you are looking for a solid, reliable, well made Japanese Binding that you can tear up the mountain and park, look no further.

The 2017 FLUX R2 NOFX bindings are sick.

David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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