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It’s hit a lot of us, we can’t get to where we hoped to be this Winter 20/21, I was supposed to be in Canada this winter, but Covid killed the dream.

Not wanting to dwell on sad news I decided to reflect on my good fortune and memories from previous snow trips around the world. Have a read with me and see if it inspires some of your own good memories.

My first foot on snow was at Bear Mountain California at 3 years of age, it wasn’t my choice to go there it was totally new to me but if photo albums are any indication it was one of the absolute best times you can have. I clearly loved it. I never looked back.

Snowfight occuring – Cali 93′ ft. la famiglia

Flash forward many years and I’m working out how to snowboard in sunny Australia – Perisher resort is where the skills were honed and the passion grew ten fold. This coincided with my teenage years which coincided with beverage related brain cell deletion and unfortunately the CKY and Jackass era was erupting and influencing terrible decisions everywhere. I have never had as many bluebird snow days anywhere else in the world as I have had in Australia, its pretty amazing! even if the snow isn’t always as good.

My next love was Japan! the ultimate in snow and powder really. can not beat it on a pow day, and if you are hungry you are in for a treat, Japan has everything from dollar fried chicken on every corner to regional delicacies like soup curry 🙂 oh my god its incredible, definitely somewhere to forget the world and just rip around the mountain pushing yourself as hard as you can just to build your appetite! The culture is incredible, the people are lovely, the technology is very interesting at times and the countryside is beautiful. This section wasn’t supposed to be an ad for Japan but get over their or you will kick yourself.

Mt. Fuji lookin Classy

Canada will always hold a special place in my heart, from Banff to Whistler and beyond it’s the ‘super snow terrain highway’, each resort having its own subtle differences there is a common theme among them all, the best terrain, the best parks, the best atmosphere, lively villages, and all the activities you can imagine, the wildlife over summer in this region is unbelievable too! Truly wonderful part of the world that has such delicacies as poutine and fireball whisky. Yee haw!

Terrible photo of Blackcomb park circa 2013

America has a whole lot of variety all over the country, so i’ll narrow it down to my own top 3;

  • Jackson Hole: My favourite in the states and possibly even the world! cant be sure till I see them all mind you 😉 The most challenging in mountain terrain i have ever come across, any given run will make you feel arrive but be prepared for sharp turns before steep drops if you want to keep in one piece. Jackson Hole is the ultimate adrenaline rush!
  • Park City: I got there at a slushier than ideal part of spring but, it was incredible, one run in particular still lives with me, frozen river from what seemed like the highestpeak all the way down(nearly). incredible run, was like a snake run with huge vert walls dodging fallen down trees at speed and in one instance had to dodge a family at speed all the while defying most principals of gravity! I love that run so, so much!
  • Vail: Vail is humongous challenging and packed with loads of features. the village is great too although I think there was more than one fur store, not my cup of cheese but even if it was why do they need more than one? anyway, great place! great food! and great bars! 🙂
self explanatory graphic of Jackson Hole

Europe is next! the start of it all, the home of winter sport tradition of all kinds! Switzerland, Zermatt to be specific, hello Matterhorn you gorgeous beast! Where ever you go in this town the matterhorn follows you, casting an impressive shadow. This region is well known for the world class facilities on and off mountain but we remember Zermatt specifically for the incredible food on offer that can be found basically anywhere, you are in for a culinary treat when you are getting around this wonderful place.

Toblerone Mountain AKA the Matterhorn

On this trip down memory lane I’ve realised we are very lucky to have the experiences we already have had and that there’s no reason not to look forward to the next adventure. which means it is time to plot a course for the next snow trip! because as soon as life goes back to normal it’ll be snowing somewhere.

Who knows which is the best of the winter wonderlands? they all have their own character and they are all filled with different people & cultures who make them special and who call it their home. Genkisnow prefers the nomadic approach. where should we go next?

p.s good riddance 2020!!

Alec took his slabs of wood worldwide for years. He floated around enjoying basic day to day creature comforts like salt, beers and nasi goreng, amidst chasing snow for as many days of the year as possible. Then he got a day job... But the dream lives on, Today he loves nothing more than snowboarding, writing for Genki and just being the #1 snow hound this world has ever seen.

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