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Tsubara Tsubara

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It wasn’t until my first season in Hiarfu that I discovered the beauty of Soup Curry. A very good friend of mine who I was staying with suggested we go to Tsubara Tsubara for Soup Curry one night. Being down for anything, naturally I was keen as a bean. Little did I know I was about to consume one of the most delicious nourishing bowls of happiness I have ever had in my life. Ever.

Soup curry is best described as soup curry. The name is deceptively fitting. It is a mix between a rich hearty Japanese curry and a soup. The flavour makes me think a Japanese Curry and a light Indian curry fell in love and had a baby and out came Soup Curry. I have tried to reproduce it myself at home but I can never seem to get the depth in the flavour profile as Tsubara Tsubara so perfectly achieves.

The menu is easy to navigate at Tsubara Tsubara with Soup Curry being the main attraction. Don’t be deterred though, there are some classic Japanese dining options if you aren’t in the mood for soupy curry goodness. Naturally, being in Japan they have draught beer on tap and a sound drinks menu with all of your Japanese favourites.

Sometimes people hear ‘Curry’ and think it’s going to burn their socks off, but at Tsubara Tsubara the ball is in your court. When you order, you can tell your waiter how hot you want it using the sliding scale found on the menu, so if you aren’t a fan of the heat they have you covered. On the contrary though, if you like it hot, strap in! I fancy myself as a bit of a chili monster and I once asked for it as hot as possible. Tsubara Tsubara reminded me of what it felt like to be alive. In saying all of this, I would definitely try it with a little heat just to get the full experience and soul warming goodness.

Being located in Izyumiko it is just a short walk from down town Hirafu. About 5 – 10 minutes depending on your snow agility, and it is most definitely worth the walk.

It’s open for lunch and dinner all season and is also open during the summer. For more details though, check out their Facebook page below.

Tsubara Tsubara truly is one of the best places to eat in all of Niseko. If you are a soup curry fan, this is an absolute must and if you haven’t tried it before, this is an amazing place to start.

Tsubara Tsubara is most definitely Genki Approved!

Opening Hours

Everyday during winter and summer for lunch and dinner

Check out their FaceBook for more details

Price Per Person

Mains from ¥1000

Drinks from ¥500


Walks in are welcome but I would always recommend booking if you can


Soup Curry – Delicious – Amazing – Major Cards Accepted

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