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Steak Rosso Rosso

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Being from Australia, I like to fancy myself as being a bit of a steak connoisseur. We are surrounded by some of the best grazing land in the world and produce some of the worlds great beef. From eye fillet to chuck, I love it all and there is nothing better than a beautiful cut of steak char grilled with a side potatoes a greens. So it only makes sense I take myself to the one and only Steak Rosso Rosso.

Now, the first few times I went to Niseko I was on more of a Snowboarders budget so going to Steak Rosso Rosso just never really came into the picture. In retrospect, I think a few more nights on a diet of nothing but cabbage would of been a small price to pay to visit this in the early days. Even on my second most recent visit to my second home I made the Rookie error of not booking in advance and even a weeks notice wasn’t enough time to get myself and Hugs and Kisses in for a cheeky dinner (if you haven’t caught on so far I am pretty keen on this one).

That brings us to our first point, BOOK IN ADVANCE! It is worth it. I will reiterate this later because you will forget, but BOOK IN ADVANCE! You will be gutted if you can’t get in.

Even if you didn’t know or have heard of Steak Rosso Rosso, you can’t miss it when you wonder around the lower village. Surrounded by the dapper and contemporary surrounds of concrete and wooden snow mansions you can not miss the stark Red and Black facade of Steak Rosso Rosso. While it may not sound eye pleasing it is deceptively at home it surrounds and does give you a sense of prestige and luxury.

When the day finally came and it was time to Dine I was as excited as a 26 year old man going to a steak restaurant (I couldn’t think of a witty metaphor and this made more sense). It was a date with the Mrs and she was equally as excited as we had heard nothing but good things.

The entree was a walk in the park. Bacon wrapped Hokkaido Scallops in a red wine sauce. Delicious. Nothing but delicious. The scallops were HUGE and perfectly cooked (I like it on the rare side of cooked) and the bacon was a delicious cuddle in the yummy red wine sauce. Perfect start to the meal. (P.S. I am simple – we were just sinking beers – no fancy red wine matching on this occasion but rumor has it they have a good wine list).

Now that we were content with our seafood fare and a cheeky beer, things were getting serious. What steak do we get. Now, I am usually not afraid to order the most expense thing on the menu but the Kobe beef did scare me on approach. Everyone has heard of Kobe beef and the price tag matched. Known for its incredible texture and flavour and beautiful fat rendering it was hard to surpass. After much deliberation I talked myself out of it. The Hugs and Kisses decided to have a local Hokkaido cut and I was to follow suit. On approach from the lovely staff, in classic form, I was clearly still torn on my decision and Jacqui convinced me I was being an absolute fool and what better place to dominate a $200 steak than on Holidays and in the beautiful North Island so I did a last minute back flip and got the Kobe.

I then spent the next 15 minutes in a state of wild elation concerned I had quite possibly just dropped the equivalent to about 4 cases of beer and 20 beers at the put on one piece of steak when the regular Hokkaido was bound to be delicious (talking a bit of trash here – really I was just pumped to smash what was going to be quite possibly the greatest steak of my life to date…)

When the time came and our steaks graced the table we were nothing but two happy happy humans. Both steaks were perfect. The Hokkaido was beautiful, lovely flavor and a light fat render. The Kobe, ahhhh The Kobe. The closet thing I can compare it too is like a tightly wound meaty butter. It was the smoothest, juiciest, fat rendered piece of indulgent meat filth I have quite possibly put in my mouth. The thought of the price tag was a distant thought on every bite. I love my Girl Friend more than anything in the world but even giving her a dark dark part of me told myself not to do it and to keep it to myself. Saying I would recommend the journey would be some what of an understatement. We polished them off with a side of green beans and some famous Kutchan potatoes.

In reading all of this the picture my be conjured of quite a bold and high end internal environment but it is quite the contrary. A very simple and elegant under stated interior that is deceptively cozy is the perfect environment to come into out of the cold.

So, if you do have the opportunity to visit Steak Rosso Rosso – TAKE IT! It really won’t disappoint. Our main picks would be the Scallops and the Kobe steak.

In classic form I didn’t take many photos (I will improve at this) but I have chucked up some red hot photos from Google Maps and a picture of some Kobe meat because we love meat. You can check out more about Steak Rosso Rosso here. You will find it a couple minutes walk from Seicomart into the lower village.


Happy snowing team.

David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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