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Maricar Shibuya

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So you are in Tokyo and looking for something very ‘Tokyo’ to do. Well, Maricar Shibuya is exactly what you are looking for. GenkiSnow was lucky enough to do a Maricar Shibuya trip during their latest trip to Japan and left with nothing but smiles from ear to ear.

Think of Go Karts and themed onesies, on the road in Tokyo, crossing the busiest intersection in the world, with all of the other cars still going about their day around you, and you have Maricar! It’s exactly what you think it is.

Zooming around Tokyo is not only ridiculously fun, but you get to see the city from a whole new perspective. Tokyo’s amazing public transport system (especially their train network) is amazing but it means you don’t see much when you are travelling around. Problem solved!

We opted for the hour trip around Shibuya and Harajuku. It costs around ¥7000 per person and is worth every ¥! Our guide Hito was amazing. You follow him around as he zooms through the streets he knows so well. The best part is he took all of the photos for us so you don’t have to worry about missing that perfect shot!

You would think this would be just another day in Tokyo, but as you zoom around everyone stops in intrigue and to capture their own shot of you. Get your hands warmed up because everyone wants a wave (or a peace sign), you nearly for a moment feel like a celebrity with all of the attention!

Moral is, if you are looking for an amazing experience, in an amazing city, this is it. Maricar is great fun run by great local Tokyo humans.

Maricar is 100% Genki Approved.

Opening Hours

All year! Check out their FaceBook and Website below for more information.

Price Per Person



For more information and how to book, check out their FaceBook here and their website here.


So much fun.

David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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