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Kobe Tei

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Kobe beef is world famous for being the best beef in Japan. Maybe even, some of the best beef in the world. The name Kobe Tei is this a but of a give away at what you are going to get.

A Yakiniku restaurant proud of it’s quality of produce located in the heart of Hirafu.

Chose from one of the set menus and enjoy some of the world best beef. They have options for local Hokkaido beef and Kobe. Set menus start from ¥8000 that go up from there depending on your selection. Additionally, they have a kids menu to look after the little shredders.

Easy to find it is just off the main road on Momiji-Zaka.

Bookings are recommended as it can get busy however you can just walk straight in.

For those who aren’t familiar with Kobe Beef, it is a type of Wagyu beef. It is from the Tajima strain of Japanese Black cattle. They are traditionally (and should be) from Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture. There are rules set out by he Kobe Beef Association that are strictly to be meet to be considered true Kobe Beef. The meat is Japanese and world delicacy, known for it’s full flavor, beautiful fat marbling and juicy nature once cooked.

For anyone who hasn’t tried Yakiniku, it basically means cook + meat. The meat and vegetables come out raw and you cook them at your table over a hot grill. Traditionally over coals however gas and electric versions are common. It is a fun way to enjoy your meal.

Opening Hours

Everyday during winter – 5.00pm – 11pm!

Check out their website for more details.

Price Per Person

¥8000 – ¥25000 for set menu


You can walk in but it get’s very busy

Save yourself the disappointment and give them a buzz on 0136-21-2229


Yakiniku – Kobe – Wagyu – Kids Menu

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