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Japan Ski Season

June 20, 2016

So you are thinking about going to Japan for a cheeky snow holiday but you aren’t sure when. Well, do not panic! Not only is there quite a healthy season when it comes to length, there is great conditions for a LONG time so everyone can have a good time.

Starting around Mid to late December and going to around late March early April there is plenty of time to get some of that Japanese powder you have heard plenty about.

Early season in some places may be seen as a relatively poor opportunity when it comes to good quality snow but this is not that case in Japan, especially in Hokkaido. December can see some very strong snow falls and some seriously cold temperatures which means some gooooood conditions for powder! Not only are we looking at some great skiing and snowboarding it also means you can have a a white Christmas, and who doesn’t love a white Christmas!

Coming into he new year there really isn’t a bad day. Be careful if you are thinking of travelling around late January as it is Chinese New Year and can drive up prices. There is a large amount of Hong Kong tourism to Japan for the beautiful conditions, amazing culture and great food but there really is a massive spike in January so just watch out for those price rises! In saying that, January is amazing so don’t be toooo turned off.

Moving into February you can get some of the best conditions (I personally believe THE BEST) conditions in the world. A very solid base is sitting on the hill coupled with some amazing snow falls and ladies and gentleman what you are left with is heaven. There is no two ways about it. If anyone tells you differently, they are wrong.

Leaving peak Winter season and heading into spring most people will whinge and moan about sloppy snow and slow conditions but alas! While the snow fall starts to slow down there is still an amazing amount of snow asking for you to shred it prices of flights and accommodation start to come down as well. Additionally there is some cool stuff to do in spring like climb/hike Mt Yotei in Niseko and come back down via the inside of the old volcano.

Most people will also swing by Tokyo on the way home (YOU MUST!) and if you get lucky or go a little deeper south you will also be able to come across the beautiful spring cherry blossom season.

Now that is a very quick run down on the Japan snow season (sorry if I lean towards Hokkaido and Niseko) so if you are left asking more please email me on david@genkisnow.com.au and I will answer any questions you may have!

Stay safe and keep chasing that white happiness!



David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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