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White Spider Restaurant

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Part of Eiger Chalet, Perisher Valley

It’s wicked… its hidden secretly beneath the Eiger chalet & Bar and it is freakin’ cool man.

They got food as suggested right here all of which is much to our liking. The location is great being right across from lifts on Perishers front valley. If you are lucky enough, the attached Chalet is somewhere you can sleep for the night with primo lodgings and exceptional locale, you can not go wrong.

The restaurant layout is awesome and cosy featuring booths, a bar, some other seating arrangements you would expect and an atmosphere that transports you to Austria or Switzerland in a flash… kinda.

Open to the public but be mindful of their hours because its a seasonal hot spot and various situations will dictate what you can do and when you can do it. Best to keep up to date on their social media here if you are unsure.

This place is a bit of a hidden gem so we are in two minds about spilling the beans completely.

Best to check it out for yourself 😉


Opening Hours

Everyday during winter – stay tuned to their social media and the weather forecast though just to be safe,

Check out their website for more details

Price Per Person

$7 – $150

Check out this spectacular menu for an estimate appropriate to your appetite


If you are hungry definitely book, cant get all the way here by car so keep that in mind, but if you are thirsty pop your head in during business hours.


Location is great, drinks are great and nearby options are great.

Alec took his slabs of wood worldwide for years. He floated around enjoying basic day to day creature comforts like salt, beers and nasi goreng, amidst chasing snow for as many days of the year as possible. Then he got a day job... But the dream lives on, Today he loves nothing more than snowboarding, writing for Genki and just being the #1 snow hound this world has ever seen.

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