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Rokits Edibles

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Do you know when you are hungry. So so so hungry. All you want to do is eat something delicious. Do you know when you wake up after a few too many froth dogs or tin cats. Mild headache is coming on (Mild?). All you want to do is eat something delicious.

Often in these situations nothing seems to make it better. Nothing will quench or over come your feelings of hunger or froth dog regret.

Well guess what, yes there is. It’s Rokits Edibles.

Rokits is owned and run by absolute weapons grade legends Troy and Bec who enjoy nothing more than serving up some absolutely delicious coffee and Michelin Star quality food. From delicious home baked goodness to some banging lunch specials Rokits has you covered.

The absolute show stopper is Rokits signature “Royale” breakfast burger. When the Royale was first pitched to me, I wasn’t sure, but, since my first bite, I haven’t looked back. It is the best breakfast burger, ever. It starts with a freshly baked local cheese and bacon roll, lathered with some of Rokits homemade garlic aioli, then slap on some delicious smokey bacon, a perfectly fried egg and a hashbrown. Finish it off with some beautiful cheese, tomato relish and finally, it wouldn’t be complete without some rocket.  Wash it down with a delicious caffeinated beverage and you, dear reader, are complete inside.

Rokits is located just outside Jindabyne in Leesville. It is a short drive Barry Way on your right if heading from Jindabyne.

Every now and again, something is Genki Approved. This isn’t Genki approved. This is one of the greatest places on earth. Genki super approved.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  – 7.30am – 3pm

Check out their FaceBook for more details

Price Per Person

$10 – $20


Just turn up!


Amazing Coffee – Great food – Take away

David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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