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Lil’ Orbits Donuts

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Lil’ Orbits Donuts is tucked away in perisher snow resorts Ski Tube Station.

It’s a do not miss out type of venue, word of mouth famous and also a great little finisher to a day on the hill.

If you are wondering how to locate it follow these three crucial steps;-

  • Locate Ski Tube Station
  • Go down stairs
  • Follow your nose (hungry thinking about it)

The Name of this operator is about as explanatory of the menu as the menu itself so you wont be surprised to see that they make donuts. It may surprise you however that they are hot and fresh from the machine coated in sugary goodness and served up in what seems like an instant.

once you receive your packet of sugary fried dough *drool*, stay calm and enjoy, the heat will keep your hands warm and your belly happy.

See if you can make them last for the ski tube ride down the hill. We think this is completely un-achievable as they are too damn tasty.

Good luck!

Opening Hours

During winter – till the lifts stop running!

Check them out here

Price Per Person

$4.00 >> $’Challenge accepted’.


First in Best Dressed at this open air Kiosk, the enchanting smell of donuts may cause you to wait for the next train, or just plan ahead and make your move.


Fun-Size Snacks – Beverages – Donuts of varying types

Alec took his slabs of wood worldwide for years. He floated around enjoying basic day to day creature comforts like salt, beers and nasi goreng, amidst chasing snow for as many days of the year as possible. Then he got a day job... But the dream lives on, Today he loves nothing more than snowboarding, writing for Genki and just being the #1 snow hound this world has ever seen.

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