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Who doesn’t love a kebab! A study in 2017 showed that everyone in the whole wide world loves kebabs*. For that exact reason, we bring you Kebabz! Easy to find and easy to get Kebabz is located in the Town Centre, Thredbo and Perisher!

So if you are up either of the greatest mountains in the world shredding some of the white stuff, or setting the town on fire, you can get your self a delicious vertical hamburger.  They also sell Red Bull which is great because Red Bull is delicious. The map below will navigate you to the Jindabyne Town Centre Kebabz but you will easily find the other two when you are up the hill. You can’t miss them!

*this was not a real study

Opening Hours

Everyday during winter

Price Per Person

$8 – 15


Walk on in! It’s a kebab shop.


Kebabs – Vegetarian – Cheap eats

David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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