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Blue Cow Bistro

May 7, 2019

Blue Cow Bistro, I’ve said it before I will say it again this is a bistro.

No real surprises, but has some great features.

  • Ski Tube Building
  • In Blue Cow
  • Great Views
  • Enough room for 4 million families
  • Indoor-outdoor facilities
  • Bars
  • Food
  • Snacks

Pretty much sums it up. Don’t be surprised if you walk in here and you find a bistro.

It is a bistro. I told you I’d say that again.

Enjoy it.

Opening Hours

Everyday during winter best to visit around lunch time or after that or even before that.

Price Per Person

You can expect Bistro money when you walk in here, its not too badly priced considering where it is.


You can walk in but it get’s very busy

Save yourself the disappointment and get in quick.


Food – Atmosphere – Great Location – Bar

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