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Beach Burrito Jindabyne

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You know what to expect at Beach Burrito Jindabyne. Food El Mexicano. Suuuuuuure. But is this one different? A chain restaurant much like others in the burrito and taco making game, but this joint is somehow different. I even heard that in one of their chains there’s a skate bowl in the middle of the room with a table that drops from the ceiling!? That’s mental!

Beach burrito Jindabyne is unique in its own way. The now popular chain opened up a franchise in Jindabyne a few years back now. Re-opening the doors of what was formerly a nightclub with a far from great reputation.

Situated up the red stair case at the end of town centre closest to ‘the banj’, it has a great view of the lake and a convenient central location. The restaurant is appointed with a large bar. Spinning margaritas, a great selection of tequila shots and whipping up fancy cocktails till  your hearts content (sorry liver).

I’ll cut to the chase. You are probably thinking. Oh yay another taco place. Or maybe you have been to another restaurant in the chain so you know whats going on… but as I said precisely 3 minutes ago (Go ahead check my timing), this one is different.

Nestled happily in Jindabyne this popular rendition of the growing food chain offers some unique events specific to its surroundings. Things like snowboard and ski film premieres, and skating competitions across the road at the skate park. The business is heavily involved in the community, which is great to see, and even offer sponsorship deals for local talent in various sports (if I knew I could have got free Mexican food I would have applied myself to my sport years ago).

My favorite night out over the years has been at beach burrito Jindabyne in the form of hip-hop karaoke. It’s very entertaining, and even though Jindabyne doesn’t necessarily produce the worlds best rappers. The laughs that follow, the failures, or even shockingly good performers, make for some pretty fun times. I highly encourage hopping on stage to belt out some Biggie or DMX bangers. So I can laugh at you… ahem! With you, laugh with you…

All in all, it’s a great place to go. Lots of space for a social occasion, drinks are flowing, prime location, good times!

See you there!

In classic form our only photo is from Snap Chat smashing some dranks but you get the idea.

For more info check out the Beach Burrito Jindabyne page here.

Beach Burrito

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