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Top 5 ways to save this Snow Season!

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People abroad are blown away to hear that Australia has snow fields, led to believe over the years that Australia is a sweltering kangaroo filled desert land with some nice beaches… Perhaps they are right to be surprised? Perhaps we just have it all on our beautiful island in the sun? Either way, we are pretty excited for the snow right now and we wouldn’t be GENKISNOW if we didn’t want to share that with you!

Most Australians have heard of our little pockets of snow paradise that dot our south eastern coasts NSW, VIC, ACT & Even TASMANIA, In fact, every year Australians make in excess of 2.5 million visits to our cherished snow fields across the country. This Aussie habit forms a 2 billion dollar chunk in Australia’s flourishing tourism market! In the lead up to winter you will notice a saturation of snow related advertisements flooding your social media, TV and neighborhood billboards.

Tempting as it is to take a look, and we encourage that very much, you will probably find heavily advertised snow deals that knock you off your chair with dollar signs spinning around your head? Yes? that happened to you too? Well, we want to show you the tips and tricks we have learnt along the way to save your pennies and have a great snow trip this season. So how do you access a great snow holiday with out breaking the bank?

We’ve comprised a list of 5 ways to save your hard earned dough on your next snow adventure – NSW Edition!

1. Book in Advance

The best thing you can do to secure your holiday with good value is to book your accommodation well in advance, There are plenty of options when you get in early enough and you will be able to draw your own comparisons from the range that is on offer, From hotel – motel – serviced apartments – camping and Caravan Sites too, There truly is an option for every budget, but remember to book ahead of time or you will get caught out in the cold.

@Genkisnow we look no Further than JASMAC. For all things accommodation The range of properties offered will suit most budgets and the service exceeds expectation, make your booking now and Receive your Base ski Hire/Summit Snow sports discount card that will earn you some great discounts around town & on Hire gear as well as great food options & even Petrol!

2. Travel in Packs

Strength in numbers, If you travel with a larger group you can spread the costs over the whole group and walk away spending much less per person, this applies mainly to accommodation, but that’s not to say you have to cram everyone into a tiny space the arrangements are generously spaced and have extra room for all your gear.

Some other factors worth considering are fuel and travel expenses, shared amongst a group you will certainly be able to cut down most costs associated with the snow trip. Once you are settled in explore the town, there are plenty of daily specials at many of the local venues for food and drink. A Genkisnow favorite has to be the classic Lake Jindabyne hotel for accommodating the masses (great location – budget accommodation) and providing loads of meals to suit the smaller budget oh and your Base/Summit card will work here too so don’t be scared to show the friendly bar staff when ordering.

3. Time your trip well

There are quieter and busier times of the snow season and this can mean Accommodation Discounts, Retail Sales and Cheaper Lift Passes. If you are set on your budget pay close attention to your timing and you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars this way. Everything has its pros and cons of course. The not so busy time of the season means some lower prices across the board and that is fantastic, but be aware this can also mean the snow conditions aren’t as desirable as weeks before or after.

It can be a bit of a gamble but the weather always is so we think it’s a good strategy to employ. Cross your fingers and save some dollars. see you up there!

Check out perisher and Thredbo’s lift ticket pricing schedules to give you an idea of what to expect. Perisher tickets here & Thredbo here . But don’t be afraid to shop around at other resorts either there are often some great and competitive options like Charlottes Pass or Selwyn snowfields.

4. Rent Don’t Buy

Snow gear can be really expensive when you factor in the shopping list of equipment required to stay comfortable and warm on the slopes. Be sure to look into this before starting off on that expensive ‘to buy’ list. There are plenty of options available for affordable snow gear rental and it seems the further you go from the resorts front door for hire gear, the more you save! So stop in at Jindabyne when you arrive, load up the car in preparation for your day on the hill and ski or board with an even bigger smile on your face knowing that you have saved yourself some extra cash.

Pick the right place to rent your gear and you’ll access some discounts that really benefit the rest of your stay. We can’t look past The Base Ski & Board Hire/Summit Snow Sports. Along with great prices that haven’t gone up since we can remember hiring their as little grom’s, It’s also your one stop shop for Lift passes, Snow gear, Accommodation and Local info with friendly service.

That great discount card we mentioned earlier is the brain child of the operators here and it really helps during your stay at the snow. Check them out @ The Base &  Summit Snow Sports

5. Food & Drinks

If you are strictly budget conscious, never fear there are a lot of low budget restaurant options and take out choices to enjoy all over Jindabyne (Don’t forget your Base/Summit Card). There is also a grocery store located at nuggets crossing. If you prefer to save money by cooking for the family/group at your accommodation then that is certainly an option as well.

For an idea of what’s on offer in Jindabyne head over to our Jindabyne page and check out some of our listings that highlight the towns local treasures.

Even though Perisher & Thredbo are the established household names when it comes to snow trips in NSW, we are actually spoiled for choice! 4 Resorts Great deals can be had at various times when considering any of the NSW resorts, but be sure to pay close attention to the conditions, Perisher and Thredbo lead the charge with their ability to make man made snow capable of filling the gaps between snow falls so hard to go wrong there. But, do some research and you will be able to tailor a fantastic budget snow trip for your group or family.


To sign off today, we just want to say, snow trips are synonymous with high cost but don’t let that deter you! With the above tips you should be able to save some money for next years ‘snow trip piggy bank’ and not worry so much about your back pocket on your next trip to the Snow! Number 1 priority though, Have fun 🙂


David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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