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Snow & Pandemics

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With Covid-19 unleashing its unique wrath on the global snow community and with winter upon us, some drastic measures have been implemented by resorts to promote responsible social practice on snow as required by state government and already existing measures that can be utilized in the snowfield environment.

To kick off the year our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, had the difficult decision to cut short the season and close their doors. The Northern Hemisphere hosts the majority of snow resorts so the impact was a unique and alarming blow & hard felt by snow lovers around the globe.

In the Southern Hemisphere we are on a fly by wire approach as we enter our snow season in 2020 and it is not without its challenges, already snow goers are experiencing lift lines before they have even purchased the ticket. A new easing of restrictions by NSW and VIC Governments created a surge in interest that seems to be outweighing supply so far. Within a short amount of time all available tickets were booked out, and many were left disappointed when they missed their chance to secure theirs. To add to the dilemma, some who had booked their holiday accomodation & other necessities such as snow hire weren’t able to take full advantage of their holiday!

This could be quite dangerous for businesses in surrounding communities if this trend continues for a number of reasons not excluding cancellations. Naturally this could be quite damaging & from the looks of things the experience in New Zealand so far is much of a muchness. Fingers crossed for everyone on all sides!

Since resorts largely drive the interest for visitors to these areas the onus is on them to have a clear and implementable strategy that is adaptable to change regarding communications from government and the needs of their customers.

A cancellation policy is the subject of recent debate as in some cases the panic buy situation much like the toilet paper pandemic of February and March has made its way to our snow resorts, news has emerged that some people overbooked and have been unable to commit to the dates they booked. This leaves a gap in the allowed visitor allocation that thousands would be happy to fill, if only they could.

With July just around the corner we stay hopeful that the snow keeps falling and the bumps get smoothed out. We aren’t sure what a peak season will look like this year but stringent co-ordination is a must to ensure that everyone gets their chance to enjoy Australias winter wonderlands safely.

To help us achieve what we all hope for this winter, we decided to reach out to the group responsible for all the nonsense that has been affecting so many around the world. So we sent the below email.

email: [email protected]

Subject: ATTN: Covid-19

To whom it may concern,

You already borrowed a season from us, Please let us hang on to our Winter!

Please see the attached image below (see how great this looks!?).


Genkisnow on behalf of snow lovers all over the world.

– ‘The Pandemic’ declined to respond to our message.

Regardless, from the team at Genkisnow, make sure you have a happy winter and look after each other, we can make it through this together if we can stay away from each other as much as possible!

Let it snow!

Alec took his slabs of wood worldwide for years. He floated around enjoying basic day to day creature comforts like salt, beers and nasi goreng, amidst chasing snow for as many days of the year as possible. Then he got a day job... But the dream lives on, Today he loves nothing more than snowboarding, writing for Genki and just being the #1 snow hound this world has ever seen.

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