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5 things you NEED to know when doing a season in whistler

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Okay so your off to whistler? Good.

I have spent many a season in the far beautiful land and please, learn from me. It will be way safer for everyone involved 🙂

So, here is what you do…..

1. Whistler is a big and wondrous place, no matter where you are from, it’s not that, it’s nothing like that…


Everyone is really cool in whistler so be careful about thinking that because you can do handstands after 18 beers that you are bringing something new to the party. Not what I tried personally, although props to anyone that can do this, that is a legitimate skill and you do’ deserve a real and un-sarcastic medal.

Whistler is about the most over qualified town on the planet, walk into any kitchen or bar in the village or surrounding suburbs (Creekside Represent!) and ask some of the staff what their last  occupations were;

From engineer to architect, stock broker to veterinarian, You’ll find an array of topics to discuss with your new peers, who quite like you are coming from a far away land, and each with their own versions of sweet party tricks.

Now calling Whistler a ‘town’ as I have done above, is just as silly as that handstand idea (see above). Maybe ‘town on mega steroids’ is an appropriate title ? Hmm maybe I should let you decide your own name when you get there? If I was in charge of naming things we’d be in all sorts of trouble.

Whistler has the community feel of the quaintest village and the heartbeat of a bustling city. It’s popularity is outweighed only by its ability to out-stride its reputation. (seriously expectation exceeded 50x over)

…. so, say hello to the guy or gal across from you because they are your next best friend & your next best again and again, all of them (got there eventually).

Moral is, everyone is cool so talk to everyone (obviously not every single person but you get what I am saying)

We humans are visual so we put a little graph together on how we feel the town is made up.

2. This one is a don’t.

I like to remain as positive as possible in my day to day life so my apologies for this brief -neg. In a lot of ways though, the don’ts  that you experience in whistler, and you absolutely will experience quite a few don’ts while you are there offer valuable lesson’s and hilariously good times.

So here goes part 2, Chapter – Don’t.

Do not spend all the money you saved for this trip in your first month of being in Whistler. I did this it was unbelievably fun and surprisingly easy to do, but absolutely inadvisable.

I didn’t die as is evidenced by this poorly composed writing (but how I spent that money sure did help depreciate my skills 😉 and the second I realized my mistake I kicked into gear and got a rubbish new job the very next day     <– positive-ish?

The regret that followed was swift where after only 3.5 weeks I telegrammed home for a bail out on my monthly rent (P.S. get used to paying rent by the month).

Phase 2 of the regret cycle was where that job I had accepted out of desperation barely covered my bills. Barely covered bills means rations, rations means ham sandwiches using borrowed margarine and abscondered McDonald’s sauce packets to ‘change things up’.

Need I say more? Lesson learned.

3. Don’t forget what you are there for, but at the same time be open minded because there is a lot on offer…

If that sounds contradictory I apologise, but I guess my point is, go there to snowboard as planned, and work everything else around that. Truth is you’ll be so sore from killing it on the mountain all day that you will get tired and want to take a break from it. Spend your time wisely, there is arguably just as much fun off the mountain as there is on it. Finding that sweet zen is a master stroke of self discipline that can only be learnt by doing, and, you will fail at this a lot. The line between do’s and dont’s gets very blurry, either way you approach it, I’ve got a powerful high five waiting for you.

You got this right ?

4. Make moves on the grocery store.

Scope out what’s-what in there because the price of cheese hurt me deeply and I couldn’t understand it. Like me, some of your favourite items will seem extortionate and others will look like a bargain! There is no ascertainable logic behind it, just be prepared for some strange activity. Don’t let you emotions win this battle.

It will be hard.

Care packages from home are amazing so drop hints to family members, they probably miss you too! They might not? I can’t make any promises you could be a jerk for all I know?

But, when you get a package filled with the goodies from home (shapes and solo cans for me), You’ll feel right at home for the couple hours before you descend into the night and forget why you are in Whistler in the first place.

Stay safe.

5. Fat Tony’s Pizza – Beef and Blue cheese.

Thank me later! Check it out here.


David is the co-founder of Genki Snow - He likes nothing better than long walks on the beach and poetry and in his spare times explores the world, snowboard in hand.

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