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5 Essential Tips For The Winter Explorer

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As you are well aware the team at GenkiSnow loves to travel and over the years we have discovered some do’s and don’ts when it comes to perfecting your itinerary, but today we are getting right into the specifics, the smaller less considered details that are not nearly as exciting as the broader picture your trip to Japan, Europe or North America & Beyond!

We put this easy 5 step guide together to keep your travel time comfortable and efficient every time you hit the road or the airways.

1. Packing Yo Bags

It took us a while to get this right so forgive us if we are telling you some stuff you already know, but there is a lot of merit to having a neatly packed swag bag.

Firstly if you have remembered all your gear that’s a good place to begin, to get it all in there though you will want to explore all the nooks and cranny’s of your luggage capacity and develop origami like folding techniques to maximise your space(don’t forget to weigh your luggage), primarily you want to surround delicate items with some of your softer gear to prevent any crumpling in transit, snow goggles come to mind for this example, you just dropped a couple hundred bucks on those bad boys so you will want to keep them well protected! wrap em up in a shirt or a sweater for some extra buffering, our personal favourite space saver technique (seen below) is where you use your socks to incase your shirt and underwear,

This gives you a pre-planned outfit and a great way to save some space. Some general rules are to keep things that you could potentially sacrifice at the top of your packed luggage just in-case you are over your luggage capacity (usually on the return trip) this is a good time to chuck some mangled old sneakers out. speaking of which if you have smelly old boots chuck in a couple tea bags a week before you pack to help diffuse the situation. Save some space for souvenirs on the return trip – classic technique, Japanese whiskey <3.

2. Airport Hacks

This goes without saying but there’s no shortage of horror stories, pay close attention to your flight plans, the cheapest possible flights usually take you through some obscure lay overs, not the end of the world but make sure you keep an eye on the time zones you fly into and be extra careful not to get caught with a day long layover, we have made some errors in the past and we are on a mission to put scenarios like those to bed. spend the extra couple hundred bucks and get yourself the dream flight.

While you are at the airport though the trick is to keep it comfortable, shoes that are quick on and off for security checks don’t overload yourself with gear or you will hold up a bunch of weary travellers in the security line so to summarise get your head on straight when booking the flights and dress for comfort – success will be yours! ooh i can not recommend noise cancelling headphones more highly (no more crying babies).

3. Get Your Transfers Right

Google can be a great resource to get you out of a pinch in your day to day life back on home soil, but if you are flying into somewhere cold at 2 am google mightn’t have the solution, definitely the answer but perhaps you won’t like that answer. Try a small amount of pre-planning for either late accommodation close by or to book some means of transport this idea could keep you safe and out of the cold! it works for us. Don’t be like Greg (the cold guy seen below waiting for a bus ).

4. Cash Money

Cash is king and when you are out of your depth with a language barrier having some pocket change will keep you cool calm and collected. Our tip for doing it right is to get a small amount before you go to your chosen destination so you have that back up handy, but wait till you get there before you go withdrawing your entire spending money fund. You’ll save a few pennies by using the local atm’s as opposed to paying the extortionate exchange rates and fees associated with those exchange kiosks at the airports here’s Greg again getting stitched up with fees*

5. Wifi

Before you get there research some wifi and communication options, you are going to want to gloat to the people you love back at home, and for the crew you are exploring with there’s nothing worse than getting lost from your group ahead of a day on the hill or night on the town, checkout sim cards and portable wifi units to stay connected. otherwise you will be caught out trying to find a phone booth in a strange location… Good luck with that.

If you take these 5 tips on board, you are going to have a much more pleasant and seamless adventure, the little considered small things you can do above will transform the experience from day 1 take it from us and learn from our mistakes, this is the strategy to a succesful snow tour! “The best defense is a good offense” – All Ice Hockey Coaches from everywhere always.

If you have been somewhere that strikes you as a bit of a gem in a snow resort let us know if we havent already had a look at it we’d love to get there too and support the broader snow community the way genkisnow¬†loves to!! get in touch with us @Genkisnow

Or catch us on the slopes wherever snow may fall

Love Genki.

Alec took his slabs of wood worldwide for years. He floated around enjoying basic day to day creature comforts like salt, beers and nasi goreng, amidst chasing snow for as many days of the year as possible. Then he got a day job... But the dream lives on, Today he loves nothing more than snowboarding, writing for Genki and just being the #1 snow hound this world has ever seen.

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