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Snow & Pandemics

Jun 30, 2020Comments off

With Covid-19 unleashing its unique wrath on the global snow community and with winter upon us, some drastic measures have been implemented by resorts to promote responsible social practice on snow as required by state government


NZ Snowfields to open in 2020

May 19, 2020Comments off

Great News for Snow resorts in the southern Hemisphere for winter 2020!

How to choose your next snowboard (1)

How To Choose Your Snowboard Wisely

Apr 10, 2020No Comments

It can be difficult to choose your next snowboard so we wanted to think outside the box and get you on your feet faster with the right gear. Genkisnow's main driving force is the pursuit of

Kobe Tei - Cover Image

Kobe Tei

Feb 21, 2020Comments off

Sundance Bakehouse Bullocks Flat Blog Image

Sundance Bakery Bullocks Flat

Feb 08, 2020Comments off

Sundance Bakehouse, the hint is in the name! What they have here is baked goods and good ones too. You will be sure to find something tasty to start the day off and they have a

Loco Mexican Restaurant Perisher Header

Loco Mexican

Feb 08, 2020Comments off

If you are looking for a simple, tasty and quick meal when you are at Perisher, Loco Mexican is a great option. Loco Mexican, Perisher valleys own little slice of Mexico, is a strange but welcome

Fall Line Pizza

Fall-Line Pizza Bar Pie Cafe

Feb 07, 2020Comments off

Fall-Line Pizza Bar Pie Cafe provides a fresh face to a classic location. Those who attend the bakery after depleting your bank accounts on staff night at the banjo will know the location really well, but

Aldo’s Café & Pizzeria

Aldo’s Café & Pizzeria

Feb 07, 2020Comments off

Aldo’s Café & Pizzeria. Good lord this is a great spot for lunch yum yum yum. No wonder it is always jam packed! Don’t worry about that though just be smart and get in there before